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MEI SC Advance Billetero para Casino Maquina

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MEI SC Advance Billetero para Casino Maquina

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CPI knows note acceptors. MEI is an integral part of that knowledge base. Since developing the world’s

first electronic, non-contact note acceptor, MEI products are relied upon for more than two billion

transactions per week in over 100 countries.

Perhaps no other MEI product so ideally serves customer needs as well as the MEI SC Advance.Evolved

from the winning MEI CASHFLOW SC note acceptor, SC Advance applies the latest technology and

customer feedback to make a great product even better and redefine game performance once again.

SC Advance features enhanced recognition technology,

faster note-to-note speed, improved barcode recognition

and increased capacity to accept up to 100 different

currencies and denominations. It also has the industry’s

best first-time acceptance rate for valid street-grade

notes, including those that are damp, crinkled or torn.

Ultimately, the true measure of note acceptor

performance is in the amount of revenue it pulls in by

driving the player experience. By minimizing wear

components and note jams and maximizing the

acceptance of legal currency, SC Advance increases

game uptime and virtually eliminates the frustration associated

with repeated note rejections.

Now players can wait less and play more—rewarding an investment

in MEI SC Advance with unparalleled returns.
Advanced Acceptance and Security

A series of features contribute to a higher overall acceptance

rate for legal notes and barcoded tickets while increasing

security against fraud.

New recognition system provides a second barcode

sensor to improve global ticket acceptance rates and

offer 4-way ticket acceptance.

Full spectral analysis uses multiple wavelengths of light to

look all the way through the note and validate its authenticity.

Advanced recognition algorithms facilitate the

industry’s highest acceptance rates—even if the notes have

been worn or damaged.

Fastest resolution to disputes with a window revealing

the value of the last note stacked in the cashbox. 


Exceptional Note Handling

Early rejects are virtually eliminated by the attempt to accept

all notes at first pass.

Corrective note transport system minimizes skew

and offset in the acceptor head to prevent jams and

unnecessary rejections.

Refined plastic molding techniques prevent obstructive

flaws along the note path to avoid snags.

Sealed note path protects acceptor head from fluid and

dust—significantly reducing the risk of jams.

Best first-time acceptance of street-quality notes.

Lower Cost of Ownership

Robust design combines functionality and durability to

withstand even the toughest conditions and maximize

machine uptime.

Extremely durable cashbox constructed of Verton plastic.

Protected internal mechanisms and drive gears

insulate components from the operating environment.

Heavier gauge steel in chassis allows flexibility in

mounting options.

Easily updated.

Fewer moving parts reduce required maintenance and

associated inventory.


Maximized Investment in CASHFLOW SC

Backwards compatibility with CASHFLOW SC extends

the value associated with past and present investment

in MEI, lowering the overall cost of operation.

Because enhancements are localized to the acceptor

head, operators can update the slot floor at their own

pace as capital becomes available.

Intelligent support tools sense the product version and

run the corresponding software.

Includes all functionality developed for CASHFLOW SC—

including a wide range of protocols, support tools,

EASITRAX Soft Count and variety of cashbox sizes.

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 Última actualización : 2019-07-04
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