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Fichero, Monedero, Tragamonedas, Ruleta, Máquina de mesa, Juego, Casino

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Taiwán, República de China
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  • Tamaño : W58*D52.5*H101CM
  • Peso Neto : 57KG

 Características Claves

- Inserta unas monedas o créditos para tener créditos a jugar
- El fichero no va a comer las monedas mientras alcanza su límite max de apuestas
3. The wager panel is fitted with 68 wager buttons; four buttons for each number (0-12) and four for each of the four simple chances (high, low, any black, any red). There are total 13 numbers (0-12) and one is the winner in every game. Zero is on a green field, the odd number 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 are on red fields and the even numbers 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 are on black field. Number 1~6 belongs to "low" and numbers 7~12 belongs to "high".

4. once coins have been inserted, the credit on hand is displayed on the credit-display, and bets can be placed, up to the amount of the available credit, by operating the buttons on the wager panel

5. the activated buttons illuminate, when pressed a second time the bet is cancelled and the button-light extinguishes

6. pressing the cancel-button will clear the entire wager panel

7. play starts as soon as the start-button is pressed (all buttons are now blocked)

8. The roulette kettle light revolves around the kettle for about eight seconds, after which it stops at a number. If a bet has been placed on this number (or any black, any red, high, low), the win-display indicates the winnings and the melody is played

9. The buttons on which the winning bet was placed flash for about five seconds. Then the lights on the wager panel extinguish and the sum displayed on the win-display is transferred onto the credit-display or paid directly when the unit set to "direct payout after each win".

10. If there is enough credit available to play the last same bet, the payout, cancel and start-button illuminate and the player can choose to play again with the same bet, to alter his bet, or to end the game.

11. internally the unit can be set for the following

payout modes:

 payout as total sum when payout button is pressed
 direct payout after each win

payout sum as high as max. 199 coins when payout-button is pressed.

payout sum as high as max. 399 coins when payout button is pressed.

12. If the hopper runs empty, the error code "11" on the display flasheds, indicating the payout interruption.

13. When the payout sums are higher than the preset limit, the hopper payments are only made up to the next hundred figure. Thereafter the unit stops the payout process and the remaining sum on the credit display flashes continuously and the indicated balance has to be paid by hand.

Detalles de pago

  • Términos de pago : TT ,L/C ,PayPal

 Última actualización : 2019-11-07
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